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Jesus Messiah Is The Original 10,000 NFT Collection That Rests On The Truth Of The Resurrection Of Our Lord Jesus Christ. You Can Now Collect For Yourself The Numerous Appearances That Jesus Did Following His Sacrifice For The Forgiveness Of Our Sin. All Of The Artwork Is Handcrafted From Our Loving Family To Yours.

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Jesus Messiah - Promo 3.png

Since my youth, I always believed that God loved me. But throughout my life, I went through a lot of pain because
the world can be a difficult place to navigate.

Jesus Messiah - Promo 8.png

Therefore, I had a lot of trouble
understanding just how much God really
loved me because I was going through so much...

Jesus Messiah - Promo 10.png

I thought that God was disappointed or angry
with me, which just made me run
further away from Him.

Jesus Messiah - Promo 12.png

But a few years ago,
I finally understood the good news of
God through the grace and mercy of His Son Jesus Christ.

Jesus Messiah - Promo 7.png

My life absolutely changed for the better because I dove into the Bible with a brand new understanding
of who Jesus truly is.

Jesus Messiah - Promo 2.png

Because He is perfect,
righteous, and blameless, we are
now seen as equals in God’s sight through faith.

Jesus Messiah - Promo 1.png

Today, I constantly remind myself that God is content and satisfied with me because Jesus paid with His
life to forgive my sins and to give me life.

What You Can Be A Part Of?

Help me bring Jesus to the blockchain to give back to the community for empowering us with songs, bible tools, and teaching that promote the word of God.

A tenth of your Jesus Messiah investments, from minting to aftermarket, will go back to artists, organizations and ministries that promote the gospel of grace.

A portion of the proceeds will be used to support the people of the Body of Christ to create new content about the Truth, free of charge, for everybody on the Web2 and Web3.

You too can now make a difference by helping me bring Jesus to the blockchain.

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